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9 Ways Care for You Helps Seniors

You CAN Remain Independent and Live Where You Are, On Your Own Terms

For more than two decades we’ve been caring for our neighbors, offering the most comprehensive Senior Companion Programs in the greater Washington, DC metro area.

Our veteran caregivers handle all aspects of daily living, making it possible for you to remain in the comfort of your own home as you age.

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You CAN Live Where You Are

Our Complete Senior Care Services include:

1. Accompanied Walks. In the Natural History Museum, the National Arboretum or around the block …

2. Chair-to-Chair Transportation. Wherever you need to be we’ll make sure to get you there and back, safely and on time.

3. Daily Phone Calls. A simple check-in or a longer conversation—it’s your call.

4. Getting the Groceries. Let us do the shopping for you. We’ll make sure all the items on your list are put away, too.

5. Household Chores. Sweeping, mopping, laundry … Everything you need to keep a clean, well-lit space.

6. Meal Preparation. Breakfast, lunch, dinner … We’re also happy to dine out with you at your favorite restaurant.

7. Medication Reminders. Delivered in person or by phone call, depending on what’s needed.

8. Pet Care. Feeding the cats and walking the dog are no problem. We can also make sure that your furry companions make it to their veterinary appointments. All you have to do is enjoy their company.

9. Secretarial Services. Letter reading and mailing, sorting and filing, help with setting up automatic bill payments—everything you need done to keep your home running smoothly.

And more …  

Call us today at 301-650-4169.

You CAN Live Where You Are, On Your Own Terms.  




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Joan Van De Moortel, Executive Director



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