Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

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How do we Care for You, Inc. | Frequently Asked Questions.begin?

With a free, personal, thorough in-home assessment, during which we discuss your needs and preferences in detail.

What if I don’t know what kind of help I need?

We’ll help you figure it out.

What should I expect from a Companion?

A high level of skill in assessing and doing what needs to be done, at all times.

Companions are Care for You employees, not contractors. They earn above-average compensation and benefits, and receive ongoing training and quality oversight.

Care for You also provides care coordination. We manage contacts among our clients, the medical community—physicians, therapists, social workers—family members and others.

How will my Companion be assigned?

The Care for You assessment process is specifically designed to identify client interests as well as needs.

We have been highly successful in using this information to match clients with the right Companions.

After the initial assessment, a permanent Companion will take responsibility for services, whether that means a few short visits a week, or around-the-clock care.

Care for You management follows up after the first or second Companion visit to hear client feedback—if there is a mismatch or problem, for any reason, Care for You will find a replacement that is acceptable to the client.

Will I always have the same Companion?


We will keep you or your loved one with the same Companion to the greatest extent possible—this is a principle upon which the company was founded.

Our experience with our own family elders taught us that people don’t want strangers coming to their door, or a different person every day.

If your needs surpass the number of hours that an employee would normally work in a day or a week, Care for You will establish a Companion Team. You’ll still know who’s coming on any given day, and at what time.

Our objective is always to place Companions with clients in a way that fosters the building of long-term relationships.

What if my relationship with my Companion isn’t what I’d hoped?

Sometimes the client-Companion relationship just doesn’t click. This is why we follow up shortly after service begins. Usually the problem is minor and another Companion can step in quickly.

But if a key expectation was missed during the assessment process, we will revisit those expectations and needs that we agreed upon initially, and make adjustments as necessary.

Our intent is to facilitate long-lasting relationships—to that end we will do everything we can to match you with a Companion who meets your needs!

If my Companion is ill or isn’t available for some other reason how will you make sure there is no interruption in care?

Care for You takes your needs seriously.

Often a Companion will have a meeting scheduled with a client for a specific appointment or activity—if the Companion is unavailable for any reason, Care for You will find a suitable replacement so there will be no interruption in service.

Many Care for You clients suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia and cannot be left alone. When situations arise that make it impossible for a scheduled Companion to be available, a replacement Companion will be sent to ensure continuity of service—even if that means the Executive Director or another senior staff member needs to step in. 

How can I verify that my loved one is receiving the care that he or she needs when I am not around to supervise?

Care for You requires all Companions to complete time-sheets at the end of their shifts and ask that clients initial them.

Companions must also call in at the beginning and end of each shift from the client’s phone.

These processes allow management to verify and document that Companions are present in clients’ homes during their assigned hours.

We also recognize that families who are geographically separated have a special need for regular communication. To accomplish this, Care for You management assigns a Care Coordinator to provide the supervision that might otherwise be handled by a family member living nearby.

The Care Coordinator meets regularly with the client and the Companion (or Companion Team, if more than one Companion is assigned), resolves any issues that may arise, and issues regular status reports to Care for You management, involved family members, members of the medical community (as needed) and other people who have a stake in the client’s well-being.

What happens if a Companion is injured or breaks something?

Care for You is bonded and insured.

If a Companion is injured on the job, medical care and workers’ compensation is our responsibility, not the client’s.

If something is damaged in, or taken from, a client’s home we will repair or replace it.

What kind of screening do Companions undergo?

Care for You screens its employees rigorously—criminal background checks are conducted and all references are checked carefully.

We require an up-to-date TB test.

We also require up-to-date automobile insurance, and a driving records check is performed if the Companion is to provide transportation services.

Why shouldn’t family members provide all the care that’s needed?

Often, family members end up taking on these tasks and many more as their loved ones age. But their own health can—and usually does—suffer.

When constantly looking after another person, family caregivers face higher rates of hospitalization and death, run a greater risk of heart disease and other serious health problems, and are more likely to suffer from depression.

At the very least, family members need support that lets them take a break every now and then … even if it’s only for a cup of coffee in a quiet place.

Can I afford it?

Yes. In fact, Care for You’s services are likely to be less costly than a nursing home or assisted living facility. We are usually less expensive than piecemeal services, as well.

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We look forward to serving you.