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When Hoarding Remediation Is Needed | Care for You

The Only Similarity Between Hoarded Homes and Homes with Excessive Clutter Is That They Both Have Excessive Clutter…


It’s true, and the difference can be found in the mindset of the person who lives in the home—whereas the person with excessive clutter is happy to be rid of it, the hoarder does not want to part with even one page of yellowing newsprint.

And they rarely, if ever, are willing to take action to begin the remediation project.

As a matter of fact, in the more than ten years that we have been helping people reclaim their living spaces, success has almost always required the threat of eviction.

Hoarded homes are dangerous to the people who live in them, of course, but also to the people who live next to them. And in places where there are common walls—apartments, condominiums and town houses—the health and fire hazards become even greater…

But there’s no need to wait for an eviction notice.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place Begins with a Phone Call

Hoarding Remediation as provided by Care for You is not one, but an integrated and coordinated set of services.

If a person has been ordered to leave their home, a stay of eviction must be sought. To accomplish this, a free, in-home assessment is performed to determine the skills, services and time needed to complete the project.

Armed with this information we are able to effectively advocate for our client to outside entities such as apartment management, condominium associations, government entities—including health and public works—and legal professionals.

And Now the Good Stuff—Reclaiming Your Space!

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The Hoarding Remediation Team will sort items for donating, recycling, trashing, keeping, appraising, selling, and hauling depending on individual needs.

The next step focuses on heavy cleaning, mold and mildew removal and, frequently, exterminating.

When these essential steps are completed we can determine if any construction is needed, what appliances may need to be replaced, and create a plan for ongoing support.

Because once the living space has been brought back to a level that can be easily maintained, it’s important to do so on a regular basis—keeping the house clean is essential for peace of mind.

Your Care for You Companion can make sure that things stay neat and tidy, and also focus on other important activities like accompanied walks, meal preparation, and medication reminders.  


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