Home Health Care

Reliable, Friendly Companion and Family Support

Serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, our professional and personal experience form the basis of our home care. Care for You, Inc.  grew out of experiences in addressing our parents’ and grandparents’ needs within a fragmented health care system. In today’s fast-paced environment it’s often a challenge just meeting the needs of the immediate family, without running across town or across the country to look in on Mom or Dad. Accordingly, our services are provided in the extended family tradition, and span the full range of home and family support activities.

The Care for You program contains several key features:

  • Most services are “one-on-one,” so you’ll know that the person who came yesterday is the same person who will be there today. Companion services are staffed with our own employees. We hire, train and supervise our employees. This is just one part of our quality-based, service delivery model.
  • For complex cases or situations involving local oversight of an assisted living arrangement, Care for You provides care coordination to keep doctors, other professionals and distant relatives regularly informed.
  • For certain services that are typically “one time only,” Care for You uses a network of professionals with whom we have established strategic partnerships. These professionals and services include: construction, handyman work, landscaping, legal advice, organizing, and “decluttering” for hoarders, to name a few.

The needs of Care for You’s clients are as diverse as they are. We typed a manuscript for one client. We’ve traveled with others to different cities and even outside the country. For one of our clients, who was developmentally disabled due to a brain injury at birth, we helped with household chores and bill payments. Eventually, we assisted him in securing a job and moving into a group home.

Many of our clients are in varying stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia. In these cases around-the-clock support may be required, as well as Active Alzheimer’s Care. Still, a large majority of our clients simply need a few supports such as assistance with meal preparation, laundry, transportation, errands, or home maintenance and yard work. We work to fill the “holes” caused by whatever is threatening an individual’s independence.

Care for You is the family owned company you can turn to for all of your non-medical needs. Read more about our comprehensive home care for seniors programs here.