Meet our Family

Victor Van De Moortel

Victor Van De Moortel, M.P.H. Chairman and CEO, co-founded Care for You, Inc. He has over 30 years experience in the health care industry in areas of health care financing, strategic planning, and information management and technology. He has been employed or consulted in both government and private sector organizations including the U. S. Department of Defense Health System where he served as a program director for a major information technology initiative. For a multi-state hospital corporation he created and managed a clinical/financial database. He has authored several articles and presented in national forums including Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care and American Association for Medical Informatics. For a medical records abstracting company he conducted analyses of health care data and authored articles on clinical aspects of hospital care. He actively participates in the company’s business through financial management, strategic planning and overall policy, and has also provided direct service to clients.

Joan Van De Moortel

Joan Van De Moortel, Executive Director, joined the company in March 2003. She maintains operational responsibility including: marketing, sales, human resources, supervision, quality assurance and general management. Joan conducts the in-home assessments, develops the service plans, puts in place multiple services when a plan call for it, and supervises implementation. She develops and presents community presentations, is responsible for establishing all collateral materials, and is active in several community organizations dedicated to the well-being of seniors and the disabled. She hires, trains and supervises the Companion staff. Prior to joining Care for You, her experience encompassed care management and direct care, teaching, community organization and outreach, and work in nonprofit health organizations. She was on the original architectural barriers task force as National Field Representative of the Easter Seals Society. She has authored several articles and presented in national forums.

Christopher Van De Moortel

Christopher Van De Moortel, President, co-founded Care for You. During the company’s first seven years and prior to his returning to higher education, he had full operational responsibility including: P&L, marketing, sales, human resources, supervision, quality assurance and general management. In addition to an active academic schedule, he currently heads the Landscape Division of the company. During the four years prior to starting Care for You, he independently performed direct companion service.

Bonnie Davis-Isom

Bonnie Davis-Isom, Bookkeeper and HR Director, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from UNC Greensboro. Bonnie joined Care for You in 2001. She has worked extensively in bookkeeping and the service industry. Having overcome her own physical challenges, she gained a sensitivity and understanding of the challenges of disability. She has been a caregiver much of her life, personally and professionally working with elders through the American Red Cross, with adults in homeless shelters, with children through Big Brothers/Big Sisters as a Big Sister, and with animals in need. In addition to her bookkeeping, office and HR responsibilities, Bonnie staffs the Transportation Providers Roundtable of Montgomery County, MD.

Connie Tardy

Connie Tardy, Staffing Coordinator, works closely with clients, Companions and professional peers to manage ongoing staffing and scheduling, and to respond to special staffing needs. She brings over 25 years of administrative assistance in both the public and private sectors, from a medical office to banking to child development centers. Long interested in community and nutrition, Connie monthly helps prepare meals for 4,000 homeless people with the D.C. Central Kitchen, serves low-income women and children at S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat), and helps distribute 10,000 food packets at SHARE (Self Help And Resource Exchange). She sings in several choirs, and was selected to sing in the Papal Mass Choir for the Pope’s 2008 visit to Washington. As a youth minister, she is coordinator of community service.