tr2Throughout our nearly 20 years in business, Care for You has been blessed with many wonderful clients. Several of them have taken the time to comment on the quality, or some other aspect, of our services. Care for You management sincerely appreciates these many positive statements. We recognize that it is our excellent Companion staff who are responsible for these testimonials.

“It has been over a year since we contracted with you for “Care for You” services. We have been extremely pleased and impressed with the services of Karen Swain. She arrived on time, worked like a whirling dervish for four hours or more each time, and accomplished more than we could have ever imagined. Our move into our new home has been made much easier from her consultations and efforts.”

- Laura and Dwight Robeson

“The care that Care for You provided was in fact wonderful, if not at times just short of miraculous! A special thanks to you for all you have done for my uncle. Without your help I know that we couldn’t have given him the help he so badly needed. I would give anything for his mental capacities to not have deteriorated, and truly believe that our plan to keep him as active and involved as possible has helped to delay the progress of the disease. You are and have been a god-send!”

- Bonnie Naef, Bel Air, Maryland

“Dear Connie,

I wanted to let you know that Ms. Phyllis Carter, the Care for You companion who drove me from Georgetown Hospital to my home on Feb. 1, 2008, was terrific. She arrived with plenty of time to spare, drove me home, and offered to see me settled inside, which was appreciated, though not necessary. Care for You has been a great help each time I’ve used it.”

- Terese Tansey

“In addition to the quality of care and follow-up to ensure Mom’s care and welfare, I also appreciate the useful and productive communication among us all. It allays my concerns and occasional anxieties mightily”

- Ruth S.

Great meeting today! LCE is very impressed with your services. You should be very proud of your crew and all the fine work they did. Please tell them that I am very pleased with their services, they did an excellent job! Kudos!”

- Sarah E.

“We are impressed and grateful that your agency is able to respond so quickly and so flexibly! Hope you can imagine how much we appreciate what you have done, are doing and will be doing for Dad. Our goal continues to be to facilitate his express wish to continue to live at home… It is good to know that we can count on you. Please keep us posted about what you are seeing, hearing and thinking.”

- Sally S. and husband

Care-for-You, Inc. is an organization that provides complete non-medical services to make home life easier and more secure. They have worked with two other residents at THE ETHERIDGE, one of whom is a current client. This organization has done good, quality, and reasonable work for others in the building.”

- Nathan N.

“Thanks for the incredibly quick response! I’m impressed.”

- Bill F.

“From my perspective, I think you’ve provided a level of quality in the companions that stands out among what I see other people have at my Mother’s assisted living facility, and from what I know of health care providers in general from my studies since the 1980s and observation.”

- Name withheld

“Let me add my gratitude and appreciation for the quality of care the companions provide, which of course would not be possible without your judgment and management.”

- Name withheld

“I love all the good news! I talked to Mary on Saturday, and she was very pleased, relieved, and happy that her mom’s apartment was completely finished. I must say I am too! I am also pleased to hear that she has agreed to the cleaning service at her own apartment, as that is vital and I know she’ll be much happier and her quality of life much better if her place is kept up. She’s come such a long way, and all of you have played a key role in that. Thank you, thank you!”

- Terri Harshman, friend

“This is wonderful!! Thank you so much for all your efforts in making this a smooth transition. I will see her at the new place on Friday… I can’t wait! This is the start of a new life for her – I think that having a real bedroom and washer/dryer in the apt will be so good for her. Though she is a true city girl, I think that the peacefulness in this area will be a good change of pace. If I ever have clients who need help moving, I will send them to you… I’m so impressed! Thanks for all you do!”

- Elynne

“Dear “family”, and you do all provide a family there for Tania and Andrea, this is such a blessing for them. David and I will enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner more knowing this is true.”

- Marcie Radius, family & Behavioral Therapist Resource

“She more than likely would not be with us today if it was not for the caring of Care for You. She’d have been in lockdown, forcibly drugged into submission with no quality of life, and most likely dead by now. The Trust is happy that she has improved a great deal with her life. The ladies at the front desk of her apartment complex have stated that she is a changed woman. Even some of the neighbors who watched the drama through the years have pulled me aside on my visits to the complex. Wonderful…fantastic…wow…incredible!”

- Nathan A. Neal, Guardian & Conservator

“Rob, Lydia and I all want to thank you for everything you have done on our behalf this past year or more. We are still talking to each other, and standing up straight because of the help, and GOOD HUMOR, “Care for You” provided.”

- Newbie Richardson, daughter & POA Medical

“Please consider this my confirmation that I did provide an annual bonus of 2-weeks of pay to my father’s support staff. This was done on my own accord, and no one threatened me with any unseemly act. My generosity was due to their great work and professional attitude. My father is very lucky to have them as companions.”

- Robert Richardson, son and POA Financial