Who Works for Care for You?

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Care for You Companions Are People Who Make a Difference

Care for You employees—Companions—are a diverse group of people with equally diverse backgrounds and a vast array of experiences.

Whether native Washingtonians or  transplants, all Care for You Companions have one very important thing in common, they care.

Our employees want to do work that is personally rewarding—work that makes a difference in the world, in their communities, in the lives of their clients, and in their own livesthey want to do work that is meaningful, and they want the impact of their work to be positive.

It is, and it shows…

In attending to the daily needs of our clients—such as grocery shopping, meal preparation and medication reminders—Care for You Companions make it possible for the elders of our community to live where they are, comfortably and with dignity.

The work that our Companions do is invaluable.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Care for You Companion?

If you are seeking to work in a profession where your efforts make a difference…

A profession that is truly rewarding…

If you want to be part of a team that provides the most comprehensive Senior Support Services in the greater Washington, DC metro area…

Please fill out our employment application.*

We’ll be in touch shortly.  


To all that you do,

Care for You  


P.S. All of our employees have W2-employment status, a generous benefits package, and ongoing training and support—just a few of the ways we show our appreciation to the best Companions in the business.


*We are especially interested in applicants who drive, have flexibility, a warm and friendly personality, and good old-fashion common sense!